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2020-11-01 21:24发布

A Year Since Last Summer


歌手:The Lodger

HomToㄨYeah 制作
It's undeniable how brilliant you are
In an unreliable world you shine like a star
It's unforgettable now that we've come this far
It's unmistakable that you're undeniable
shiNe like a star
February 5th, Friday morning, purple dawn,
Broke a yawn, as I stepped through the fog, like I stepped to a song
A moment like a poem, you wish you could hold it
I shut my eyes like it's frozen, it's gone when I open
It slipped passed the clouds right there where it lingered
Like your band and a girl could slip through your fingers
My feet hit the ground like a beat for the lonely
On a path beaten down by the crowds in the morning
If only I could touch past the phony
If only they where there now to hold me as the questions keep droning
You're the only one who stuck it oA Year Since Last Summer,The Lodger歌曲,A Year Since Last Summer歌词

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