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City of gold



Beck - Halo of Gold
have you got a fine place to slip to
when you're feeling down
have you had a week or two
just to get your troubles down
found a lot of life and laughter
with a grandfather in the bowery
she had a body of sixteen or seventeen
she had a mind of forty
I met her on a cold day
in a city far away
with the worlds about zero
and I saw at once, into her soul
she's gonna call me her hero
never like a walk in the rain or the lane
i found a lot of death that day
with the grandfather in the bowery
cause i like her like the world
she had a halo of gold
told me stories of her life and the courage was sublime
i walk the line
cause you're blind
i walk the line
City of gold,国家宝藏歌曲,City of gold歌词

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