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2020-11-01 21:25发布

The Age Of The Understatement


歌手:The Last Shadow Pupp

LSP - The Age Of The Understatement
leo_chen 制作
To sneak up away
From your stomach
And try your pulse
And captured
What seemed all
Unknowing and candid
But they suspected
It was false
She's playful
The boring would
Warn you be careful
Of her brigade
In order to tame
This relentless marauder
Move away from the parade
And she was walking on the tables
In the glass house
Endearingly bedraggled in the wind
Subtle in her method of seduction
The twenty little tragedies begin
And she would throw
A feather boa in the road
If she thought
That it would set the scene
Unfittingly dipped
Into your companions
Enlighten them to make you see
And there's affection to rent
The age of the understatement
Before the attraction ferments
Kiss me propThe Age Of The Understatement,The Last Shadow Pupp歌曲,The Age Of The Understatement歌词