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America The Beautiful



Miss America
Early morning
A small cafe
A beautiful vision
Comes my way
I watch her hips swing
When she walks
She leaves me speechless
When she talks
I see the sunshine through her dress
Makes my heart say (yes)
Take it off take it off
Let's get it on get it on
Light a fire so sweet
Make the man within me
Desire the woman in you
Miss America
Yes that's what you are
All my dreams they come true
When you do what you do
I just gotta get next to you
Miss America
Take me where you are
In the land of the free
Make a prisoner of me
Close my eyes and you're all that I see
Miss America
I see your beauty shine in every girl
Coast to coast
You're the queen of my world
You're the reason for this staAmerica The Beautiful,纯音乐合辑歌曲,America The Beautiful歌词

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